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Guruji World Tour Photos


New York 2000

With Sri K. Pattabhis Jois’ 2006 Ashtanga World Tour coming up, here are some favorite photos of past Ashtanga World Tours:


New York 2003

(By the way, I took the San Francisco 2002 photos.)

Unfortunately, these days it’s getting harder to take photos of the World Tour as permission is rarely granted.

As a bonus, here are two films about Ashtanga yoga which include footage of Ashtanga World Tour stops: has a great list tour photo links in the ashtangi album.

We also wrote about the 2006 Ashtanga World Tour in a prior post.


London 2001

Don’t Miss It! Guruji World Tour 2006


A sea of Downward Dogs
2002 Ashtanga World Tour, San Francisco

Something about practicing with all those Ashtangis in classes led by with Guruji, Saraswati and Sharath at the 2002 Ashtanga World Tour really stuck with me & I highly recommend that all Ashtangis experience this, if you have the chance.

For 2006, the Ashtanga World Tour cities and dates are:

March 5-9 in London,
March 12-23 in San Francisco and
March 26-April 7 in New York city.

The 2006 tour is shorter than prior years, which stopped in more places, such as Los Angeles and Hawaii. At every tour, there is a persistent rumor that it is the last World Tour. Hopefully, this is not the case as we cherish Guruji’s presence.

More photos from Ashtanga World Tours can be found here.

thank you, Guruji

Thank you, Guruji.
San Francisco 2002

Here is a little secret for San Franciscans: if you take the Half-Primary class, which will probably follow the Full Primary class, you can come early and sit upstairs and watch. Be very quiet while you’re up there, so you don’t wreck the secret for future Ashtanga World Tour-ists. You do have to get up extra early in the morning, but I did it a few times and I really enjoyed watching all those great students practicing together.