Beautiful Yoga Photos on Flickr

Part of writing about yoga involves finding neat photos to include in our posts, and one photographer I’m continually drawn to is milopeng on Flickr (an amazing site – “the best online photo management and sharing application in the world”).

Clean lines, beautiful colors, warmth, yogis and yoginis in all sorts of postures.

Milopeng has 93 photos tagged “ashtanga”, “yoga” or “asana” as of March ’06.

For those of you aching for more, I recommend Bindifry’s Ashtanga yoga photos on Flickr. These have made many recent appearances in our sidebar as well as in another post, More Beautiful Yoga Photos on Flickr. I’m pretty sure these are all from the same studio, Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago (thanks to Jen Cole for that tip).

[Other Moksha-related yoga photos are now in these posts: More Beautiful Yoga Photos on Flickr and Does the Coolness Never Stop? Bindifry's Photos on Flickr. -Ed.]

Here are some of my Milopeng favorites:


Christine, Prasarita Padottanasana A


Bill, Padmasana


Eva, Bakasana


Quinn, Mukta Hasta Sirsanana B
my favorite!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Yoga Photos on Flickr

  1. Sue

    Unfortunately, those photos don’t exist anymore :( Pity, judging from the sample posted, I would’ve loved to see more of the same.

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