Ashtanga Grows 100% in 4 Years (at least)

It looks like the Ashtanga yoga student population has at least doubled in the past 4 years. And it seems to be speeding up!

I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter ever since the first one in March 2002 (see my prior post about the newsletter).

On this fourth anniversary of’s newsletter, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the growth in the popularity of Ashtanga by looking at prior listings on itself.


Asthanga Yogawerkstatt in Cologne, Germany

In 2002, there were one or two teachers (if that) authorized every month. In the recent issue, there were 6. Similarly with workshop listings, the average back then was about 15 per month. Now, it’s more like 90!

This does not imply a six-fold increase in the number of students around the world as some of the effect is also partially caused by the increasing use of websites and the Internet by yogis.


Beate of Ashtanga Yogawerkstatt

Using the wayback machine to dig a little deeper, I took a look at the numbers of schools listed on in Asia for August 2001: 6 in 2 two countries, India and Malaysia. As of March 2006, there are 11 in 4 countries. More dramatically for Europe, in January 2002 there were 15 Ashtanga studios in 7 countries. Now there are 40 studios in 11 countries.

These photos are from Ashtanga Yogawerkstatt in Cologne, Germany – a studio that was not listed in 2002.

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