Moon Day: Recovery. There Should Be A Warning Label


The Magic Elixir

Sharath’s been wearing one of the London tour shirts. The ones that feature Guruji on a bottle. Ashtanga – the magic elixir.

But the hangover is a bitch.

Side Effects may include: emotional breakdown, extreme fatigue, a feeling of personal growth that makes you wonder where you’re growing as you assess the damages and potential damages, an intense desire to give up your day job, a magnetic pull that seems to be originating from somewhere in Southern India, feelings of contentment, acceptance, and perhaps exhaustion that make you act a bit stoned most of the time, a desire to give up anything that doesn’t seem to compliment your yoga practice, an inability to relate to those who don’t do yoga, chocolate cravings, excessive coffee consumption, and pain.


Secret Life of the Moon
from Carpe Ithcus on Flickr

Rest up so you can drink up again tomorrow. But be sure to avoid heavy machinery.

[Note from Editors: In honor of Moon Day and the Europe leg of the Ashtanga World Tour, we're publishing KJS' creative post on Moon Day, which we - in a fit of silly-we-simply-don't-know-what-came-over-us-ness didn't publish during the 2006 World Tour in New York. Thank you, KJS! And, Happy Moon Day! Is it okay to say that?

How do you all feel about Moon Days? - Tracy]

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