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Yoga Fest Tokyo 2006: Govinda Kai Reports In


Mae and Govinda

In mid-September, Govinda Kai and Mae Yoshikawa taught at Yoga Fest Tokyo 2006.

Govinda – who it appears has been very busy – sent us a quick note about it.

Photos were from the 4th annual Tokyo Yoga Fest held in September of each year. This year was September 17-19. The conference is growing in stature with students coming to the event from all over Japan. The event is held at the Akasaka Prince hotel in Tokyo and uses the entire conference room building (6 floors of conference space). The largest classes hold over 250 students. A joyful event!


Mae’s class

You could follow Philippe’s lead and use the Wayback Machine to calculate how much Ashtanga has grown in Japan.

Instead, I’ll be happy just seeing Govinda’s photos of all these enthusiastic Ashtangis in Japan. Govinda published two photo sets on Flickr form Yoga Fest Tokyo 2006:

Basia Lipska also taught at the event.

Thank you, Govinda!


Upward Dog, Mae & Govinda’s Class


Grateful Student with Govinda


Happy Ashtangis waiting for instruction

A Call for Queries from New & Soon-to-Be Moms


What posture is this?

Wendy Spies, an Ashtangi and yoga teacher, wrote one of our most popular posts, Ashtanga During Pregnancy: One Ashtangi’s Experience.

Wendy’s kindly offered to write a follow-up post and I know it’s going to be great. Just take a look at her prior post.

If any of you have questions you’d like Wendy to address or suggestions for her next post, please submit them via the Comments and include your email address, so Wendy can follow up with you, if necessary.

Thanks for your contributions, and thank you, Wendy!