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What’s Your Sweet Little Nugget of (Ashtanga) Grace?

In observance of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., what is your own personal sweet little nugget of grace?

As in this, from Ashtangi, Yoga Gumbo:

Later, in Sirsasana, I managed to lift enough with my arms and shoulders so that there was absolutely no weight on my head. I would say my skull was about ½ inch off the ground. I had the weirdest sensation of gravity being reversed, as if I were hanging by my arms from the ceiling rather than pressing with my arms into the floor. I felt like I had superhero gravity-defying powers! I was Levitating Headstand Woman! I know that this is the “correct” way to do headstand in ashtanga, but I have had a love/hate relationship with this pose for the past few months – lots of fear surrounding Sirsasana for me – so this was truly a sweet little nugget of grace for me to savor.


Souls Skyward from Govinda Kai
taken at the San Francisco stop of the Ashtanga World Tour 2006

Pattabhi Jois’ Shala in Florida; All About Islamorada

Registration for Pattabhi Jois’ new shala in the Florida Keys is now open. Dates for the inaugural workshops are March 25-29 and April 1-6, 2007 with a grand opening party on March 25.


No practice on Moon Day, April 2
photo from meepfly

For more about the workshop, check out our prior post, Pattabhi Jois’ New Shala in Florida or go to directly to AYRI’s webpage, which has accomodations and other information (including the option to pay using Paypal).

With all this excitement about Ashtanga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and family in the U.S., you probably haven’t had time to find out about Islamorada, the Florida Keys’ location of the new shala. For information about Islamorada, stay right here.


Anne’s beach, ocean side of the shala
from IrishNYC

How do I pronounce Islamorada?

In Spanish it is pronounced Ees la more eh dah, but if you want to fit in with the locals, pronounce it eye la more ah dah. – Easy Adventures Boat Charters

Where is Islamorada?
Islamorada is about a 2-hour drive from Miami International Airport. It is one of the Florida Keys, located between well-known Key Largo and Key West. It actually consists of several keys (islands):


Young Green Sea Turtle from ecocentrikGuy

Plantation Key, Windley Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Lower Matecumbe Key and Craig Keys.

The Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute USA is on Upper Matecumbe Key. Here it is on Google maps.

What film should I watch before going?
It’s a trick question: Key Largo of course. This 1948 classic with Humphrey Bogart set in the Florida Keys will put you in the right mood.

What will the weather be like?
According to Fodor’s travel guides, temperatures in March range from 68-79°F (20-26°C). Tourist season runs from December through May so prices will still be high during the March workshop. (Also, summer is hurricane season, so phew, it’s not in the summer.)

What can I do on Islamorada besides practice Ashtanga yoga?

  • Sport fishing. Islamorada is the sportfishing capital of the world, according to the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce (and pretty much all websites about Islamorada). Although this activity may be inconsistent with the Ahimsa (non-violence and a respect for all life, one the Yamas, the first limb of Ashtanga Yoga).
  • islamorada-sunset-pfreddy-flickr.jpg

    Sunset from p-freddy

  • Bowl! The new shala is conveniently located near the Fish Bowl, a bowling alley (not a place to dive or snorkel). It has 12 lanes!
  • Eat Key Lime pie. There really is a difference between a key lime and a regular lime. According to a review of key lime pie in the New York Times, the Cheeca Lodge has some of the best key lime pie (along with a real key lime tree). Key Lime is the official state pie of Florida, and it’s vegeterian.
  • founders-park-islamorada-kellykeys-flickr.jpg

    Founders Park Beach, on the bay side of the new shala, from KellyKeys

  • Swim with the dolphins. I am pretty sure it will be possible to see wild dolphin and this could be the experience of a lifetime. Those of you who want to swim with dolphin might try Theater of the Sea (a marine park) in Islamorada.
  • green-sea-turtle-ecocentrikguy-flickr.jpg

    A mature sea turtle from ecocentrikGuy

  • Dive, snorkel, kayak. Just take a look at the photos in this post! And if you want more photos, the Islamorada photos on Flickr are stunning.

But you don’t care about any of that. You just want to practice Ashtanga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois! However, if you do want to share anything you know about Islamorada, please add it in the Comments section. Thanks!


What am I? from ecocentrikGuy