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Are You Going to Islamorada? Tell us

From the number of searches related to Pattabhi Jois’ new shala in Islamorada, Florida, it seems that there is great interest in the Grand Opening at the end of March. The first week of practice is sold out.

From the Registration form on the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute:


I have comments
about Islamorada.
(courtesy …jac)

Sunday March 25 – Thursday March 29
7am full primary – SOLD OUT
9am full primary – SOLD OUT

March 25th, 26th, 27th & 29th drop-in days also SOLD OUT.
Drop-in days still available: 28th

Sunday April 1 – Friday April 6
(Monday April 2nd no classes)
7am full primary AVAILABLE
9am full primary AVAILABLE


Otto the Travelling Gnome knows
more about Islamorada than you.

The comments section of both our posts have been relatively active, so it seems there’s a lot of interest…see

We haven’t seen any centralized place on the web where people are talking about where they are staying and what they’ve heard about Islamorada, i.e., the logistics of the whole thing. EZBoards does have some meanderings on the subject,


Islamorada (courtesy Flickr Leech)

and there is some buzz on the subject on the various Ashtangi blogs (on and elsewhere).

We’d be happy to hear your thoughts about where you’re staying, how you’re getting there, and if you found it easy (or hard) to book lodging and travel. Drop us a note, you’ll be doing everyone who is still trying to plan their trip a big service.

Lotsa Teeny Tiny Ashtanga Photos

For those of you who can’t get enough photos of Ashtanga, check out Flickr Leech, where you can browse literally hundreds of photos on Flickr tagged with the word Ashtanga (or any word, actually).

This is just a small sample of what comes up on the first page (of 12 total pages) of Ashtanga photos (sorted by Interestingness). As of right this minute, Flickr has 4,214 photos described with the word, Ashtanga.


Is your photo here?

Thanks to Flickr Leech (via Lifehacker).