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Yoga Comics: The Adventures of Yoga Boy

My name is Chris Panico and I love doing Yoga and drawing cartoons! I get to combine both of these passions by drawing my “Yoga Boy ” cartoons. I started drawing very young, as I recall my kindergarden class photo had everyone sitting at their desks and I was in the backround drawing a picture on the chalkboard. I used to read tons of comic books and started drawing Batman, Superman and other Super Heroes.

I work with a lot of nice people and as they sit near me in the office I feel almost like they are posing for me. I started doing cartoons of them and they liked it, so everyday I usually draw a few cartoons at work. One of the girls there knows I do Yoga and she always calls me “yoga boy”, hence the name of my cartoon character.

To me, Yoga is happiness and nothing beats drawing a cartoon of someone and making them laugh. I hope everyone who checks out Ashtanga News gets a chuckle from my yoga cartoons!

Tucson, Az