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Excellent Web Guidance for Practicing Ashtanga

Yogabeans is an excellent new resource for Ashtangis. The site guides users through the Ashtanga sequence, posture by posture. Since Yogabeans is so new, it currently illustrates only the first few postures of the Primary Series. A new posture is added every couple of weeks.

The writer, Elastigirl, from Santa Barbara, California, has done an great job of providing photos and written guidance through the sequence. With quality this high, I hope Elastigirl continues for the rest of the Series!

I think Yogabeans could be an important resource for Ashtangis everywhere, and especially those Ashtangis who also happen to be plastic action figures. I applaud Elastigirl’s inclusiveness.


Yogabeans starts right at the beginning
Sir Rascus of Lego Knights Kingdom in Samasthiti

Here is a small sample of Yogabeans, including quotes lifted from the site:

“Rascus has his visor up, all four corners of his big, flat feet grounded into the floor, and he seems pretty confident that he’s the best looking guy in the shala this morning.”

“…Now, keep your focus inward. In this position your drishti, or point of focus, should be your third eye. That’s in the middle of your forehead. Nightcrawler, I know you’re a mutant, do you have an extra eyeball anywhere on your body?”


Marge Simpson teaching triangle to the Hulk, Batman and a Power Ranger



Thank you, Elastigirl!

An Essential Ashtanga Newsletter: Purple Valley Mixes It Up


Nancy Gilgoff at Purple Valley

Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Goa, India publishes a regular and essential email newsletter, the famous Noticeboard. It typically consists of more than 50 announcements (not all of them are related to Ashtanga yoga).

[Purple Valley has changed its website and the Noticeboard is no longer there, though you can sign up for an email newsletter. The photos on the new site are good. - Ed.]

Here are examples of some of the notices in the latest Noticeboard (no. 61):

Featured Pose: Savasana (Corpse Pose) Savasana is a pose of total relaxation making it one of the most challenging asanas.

New Ashtanga Yoga Classes in London with Robin Catto – please email for details or visit BreatheOnline

It’s always fun to read the Noticeboard and to find the gems hidden within it. I wonder when will be announced?

We highlighted Purple Valley, the many Ashtanga teachers who conduct workshops there and Goa in another post here.


The beach near Purple Valley