Why Moon Days?

Ashtangis don’t practice yoga on Moon Days, also known to muggles as the days of the full moon and the new moon. There are usually two Moon Days in a month, and they are a welcome rest when you have a six-day-a-week practice.

Tim Miller published both a schedule of Moon Days for the current year as well as a very good explanation of why we don’t practice on Moon Days on his site.

To summarize Tim, because people are about 70% water, the phases of the moon affect us, just like they do the tides. The full moon and the new moon have the strongest influence on our energy:

Practicing Ashtanga Yoga over time makes us more attuned to natural cycles. Observing moon days is one way to recognize and honor the rhythms of nature so we can live in greater harmony with it.


According to astronomers, this is an “exact” full moon, or the moment when the moon is 100% full.

Want to really plan ahead? Use this schedule of moon days that spans the next several years.

If you have a website, you can add the neat little tool in the right sidebar of AshtangaNews.com to your webpage, too.

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  1. Ellen

    This is hilarious!

    I am so happy to find that others are having similar ‘side effects’ as I am! All the way to the chocolate cravings.

    I’m relieved to hear that I’m not alone!

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