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As you start to practice ashtanga regularly, sooner or later you’ll hear the calling to go to practice in Mysore. That is the source of the yoga, that is where Guruji and Sharath teach.

Since there is a one month minimum stay at the AYRI and a lot of students have to travel half way around the world to get there, the trip is a big deal.

So the question arises: what is the best time of year to go to Mysore?

The answer is further complicated by the fact that it is often difficult to pin down Guruji and Sharath’s teaching schedules. For example, there is an announcement on the homepage of in bright orange that SHARATH WILL NOT BE TEACHING IN MYSORE FROM MAY – JULY 2006. I wonder how many planned trips have been affected by this.

But if we’re simply talking weather, the consensus from Mysore veterans is that the best time to travel there is from September to November. It’s not too hot at that time and there are fewer days off at Guruji’s shala.

Any thoughts?

Thank you to babasteve, aka Steve Evans, for these great photos of Mysore.


One of the Royal elephants of the Maharaja of Mysore, India. The foot of its mahout sticks out from beneath its ear as the caretaker guides it on a stroll.
– babasteve


Mysore Palace

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