Practice with Sharath

R. Sharath Rangaswamy, Pattabhis Jois’ grandson, usually teaches with Guruji at his shala in Mysore as well as in workshops around the world (apart from the World Tour, he’ll be in Australia at the end of 2006). He is Guruji’s co-director of the AYRI school.

Did you know that Sharath also teaches his own class in Mysore?


Sharath in Tokyo 2005.

Sharath’s website lists his workshop schedule, bio and contact information in India, along with some nice photos and some cool design. The photo galleries are still under construction.

It’s a sparse and really beautiful website.

I met Sharath briefly during Guruji’s 2002 World Tour in San Francisco, and I still feel all warm and happy when I see pictures or videos of Sharath – that’s just how he is. If I went to Mysore, I’d definitely want to visit his shala.

Any thoughts from Ashtangis who’ve been there?

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