Visit “Yoga’s Mother” Now

The India Department of Tourism has launched a microsite promoting India as a yoga destination:

Stand on your head. Breathe in deep.
And let 50 centuries of science, spirituality
and civilization cleanse your stress away.
Get a dose of Yoga.
It’s as amazing as the land that invented it.

It’s targeting the 15 million people (at the last count – 5% of the population!) who say they practice yoga in the US.

By digging around the Internet, I found out that there were about 550,000 US tourist arrivals to India last year (as opposed to 270,000 Indian arrivals to the US). So that leaves room for a lot of growth in the future.


Billboard in Manhattan,
January 2006

The microsite has a Yoga School listing page with 9 schools on it. Pattabhis Jois’ shala in Mysore is the first one listed, despite the fact that they are not listed alphabetically nor by size. Could the webmaster be an ashtangi?

Also on the site is a Find Your Yoga Style page with a series of multiple choice questions which will help you find a suitable yoga style. Here’s a good one:

4. What would you do if a rampaging rhino were to come at you?

a. Grasp its horn and flip over its back
b. Dodge it and run
c. Fend it off with my crutch
d. Reconcile myself to fate

Perhaps needless to say, those who choose (a) are directed towards Ashtanga…

Thanks to Marc E. Babej of Being Reasonable for pointing out this nicely written and well informed site.

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