Photo Essay: Lino Miele’s Kovalam Retreat

Drew, an Ashtanga yoga student at Yoga Is Youthfulness in the San Francisco Bay Area, published a photo essay of his trip to Kovalam, India to practice with Lino Miele.


Kovalam – a very, very nice place

Drew’s photos are entirely of the sites and people of Kovalam and not at all about the yoga practice (how can you take pictures when you are practicing anyway?). It’s wonderful to see what the actual city looks like, and the snapshots of daily life.


Soccer on Kovalam beach at sunset

And apparently, Kerala – the Indian state where Kovalam is located – is getting more and more popular, as mentioned in this New York Times article:

Not long ago, India, a country of one billion people and more than 100 languages, seemed to have just three tourist destinations: Delhi, Mumbai and the Rajasthan-Taj Mahal circuit. Then, almost out of nowhere, Americans got adventurous and discovered Kerala, a lush southwestern state full of rivers, jungles, ayurvedic medicine and rich, spicy cuisine.

Maybe Lino’s annual retreats had something to do with this.

Here are Lino’s upcoming workshops
. And thank you, Drew!


People of Kovalam

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