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It’s A Wrap: World Tour 2006, Last Day in New York

Supta Kurmasana lasted forever… but shortly after my mat neigbor whispered to me “oh no, it’s almost over”. And now it’s done.

Friday concluded Sri K. Pattabji Jois’s World Tour, 2006 in New York. Typical of the last day on any tour stop; it wrapped up with us standing for the closing mantra (a prayer for peace and happiness for all beings), a final sun salutation, and then disobedience.


The Midtown Loft where the 2006 World Tour took place
Accomodates 250 for cocktails, 200 for yoga

We were told to lie down and take rest. But eager Ashtangis just can’t be told… we sat up and clapped and then stood up and clapped some more. Then the line formed and snaked between the scattered exhaused bodies lying ’round the room so that everyone could say thank you and goodbye-for-now to the man who has brought us all this practice.

Heartfelt as it was, there seemed to be less emotion this year. I saw no teary eyes on parting. There was just something about Guruji this time that could not evoke sadness. Only thanks for his presence and inspiration… Nonagenarian guru that he is, travelling the world over and whipping us all into shape on every level of our being.

The good news is there’s more to come for the world outside of South India… Eddie Stern announced to the group that stops in Europe among other places were planned for the summer and then something about more touring in October. Not the regular route by the sounds of it. Everyone will have to stay tuned though as the details were murky.

Guruji’s Top Ten: World Tour 2006, Day 4 in New York

A Guruji World Tour write-up wouldn’t be complete without a top ten list … so here are my top 10 favorite Guruji-isms:

10. Close Your Ears! (as an alternate to Lock Your Ears in Karnapidasana)

9. Lose Your Feet! (in Halasana or Karnapindasana – to anyone who doesn’t have the tops of their feet on the floor)

8. Take Your Hands. Look Nose Center. Straight Back. Deep Breathing. With Sound. (in the last Padmasana)

7.Eh..! (often but not always followed by the infamous Bad Lady! or Bad Man! )

6. Straight Your Legs! (generally occurs between the last few poses in Primary Series where you lie on your back before going into Supta Padangusthasana, Ubhaya Padangusthasana, or Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana)


Waiting for Guruji in the Midtown Loft
World Tour 2006 New York

5. Straight Knees! (in Navasana)

4. Wopen Your Feet (in Baddha Konasana)


2. Last One (always to be followed by…One More! – this is generally after the fifth or sixth Nine during Uth Pluthi)

1. Five, Six, Seven, Yeeeee-Eight


Friends catching up before practice
World Tour 2006 New York