Lino Miele’s Ca Le Suore Retreat

Lino Miele, an Ashtanga yoga teacher from Italy, regularly teaches workshops and hosts retreats around the world. One frequent location for his retreats is Ca Le Suore in central Italy.

Lori, a friend of ours from the Yoga is Youthfulness studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, wrote an interesting & useful essay (with plenty of pictures) about her December ’05 visit to Lino’s Ca Le Suore retreat [she is also our London correspondent for Guruji’s 2006 TourEd]. In her photo essay she talks about the location, the rooming situation, the food (this section is really good!), the teachings and the asana practice.


Lori’s photo of an idyllic view near Ca Le Suore


Another of Lori’s photos from Ca Le Suore


The 2006 dates for Lino Miele’s Ca Le Suore Retreat are April 29-May 1 and June 11-24.

Looks and sounds great, doesn’t it?

But …

Where exactly is Ca Le Suore, Italy?

It’s a little hard to tell how close Ca Le Suore is to other places you might want to visit in Italy using the directions on Lino’s site, so we made some inquiries, and got more detailed directions from someone who’s been there (thanks, again, to Lori).

You can see from this map that the closest airport is Ancona, which conveniently lists all the flights arriving daily here.


The red circle marks the spot.

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