Guru, the Movie: Reviewed

[For another perspective on Guru, see Tracy’s review from the San Francisco showing. -Ed.]


Guruji arrives at the Rio Theatre

Whether one had been to Mysore or not, everyone with whom I spoke gave great post-show reviews of Guru, the new documentary about Pattabhis Jois (tagline – discover what it means to be and to have a Guru).

The audience applauded strongly after the premier screening in London on March 5, the first day of Guruji’s 2006 World Tour.

After the morning practice sessions, Guruji, Saraswati, Sharath, Robert Wilkins (the filmmaker) and about 250 Asthangis went to a local cinema house, the Rio, to see the new documentary on Mysore, Guru.


Guru, the movie poster

I felt the film represented Guruji and Mysore well.

The footage included people practicing the Primary through the Advanced series in the shala in Mysore, as well as interviews with Guruji and many senior Ashtangis, such as Rolf, Dominic and Saskia. The practice footage included Hamish, Saisha, Dominic, Rolf and Saskia and many other uber-yogis.

I bought a copy right there and then – something I normally would hesitate to do.

[The DVD is now available on the Guru website priced at US$20 or UK£12 plus p & p. Information about retail sales will also be posted. -Ed.]


Sharath with Robert Wilkins,
the filmmaker at the premiere in London


Ashtangis arrive for the premiere of Guru

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