Guruji London Tour – An Overview by One Yogini

Last Day of the 2006 World Tour in the UK
from our London correspondent, Lori

Guruji’s 2006 London Tour was a great success. There are several things that stood out for me:


Our London correspondent,
Lori with Sharath

• The social component to the tour was fantastic. Whether bumping into old acquaintances, hanging out with current ones, or meeting new people, the group – quite simply – was happy. I saw people whom I met in Mysore, I met other Americans living in London, I got to know my fellow British Mysore classmates and teachers better; and I spoke with people from everywhere from Ireland to Germany.

• The practice was harder as the week went on. Although the difficulty didn’t increase by much day by day, it was noticeable in aggregate. Utpluthee was held for longer and longer, and we were frequently held in Chaturanga.

• The whole event was very well organized. Between Hamish, Anna, Denise (the fantastic mat placement and “unnecessary yoga accessories” police), those selling t-shirts, the book “Mysore Style”, and the DVD “Guru” and numerous other hard workers, all worked hard so that it was a very pleasant and efficient experience. Thanks!

• One thing would surprise me had I seen it in the US, but did not because it was in Europe. People changed their clothes quite openly. One woman just took her shirt off, and all was visible until she put the other one on. A guy was down to his underwear before donning his yoga shorts. This is understandable: the US attitude toward nudity seems to be more conservative in general, while in Europe it’s more casual. I heard that in one studio in France people change their clothes in the entry way. Someone also mentioned that a studio in London is quite small, so all change in one location. Really, it was quite refreshing; as one teacher in the States said, it’s just bodies…


Ashtangis in London

• Several others who went all 5 days noticed a progression or development of their practices. Day 2 I became much more aware of the group component of the practice. There was definitely a “vibe”.


Thank you, Guruji.
World Tour 2006, London

Day 3 I was extremely aware of us all breathing (although not in sync). Also, in Savasana, there was a moment when all were completely silent (that was beautiful). On Day 4 I paid particular attention to following Guruji’s count for the breath. You think this would be a focus of all the previous led classes (!) but for some reason it was ever present that day.

Sharath thanked everyone before he, Guruji, and Saraswati left. He hopes they will all be back next year. So do I!

If you attended and want to share your experience, please do!

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