How to Get to Lino Miele’s Ca Le Suore Retreat


Lino Miele adjusts a student

In a prior post, I highlighted a yogini’s diary and photos of her visit to Lino Miele’s Ashtanga yoga retreat in Ca Le Suore, Italy.

With his workshop coming up soon, I’ll share the directions for how to get there that Lori provided (which she got from her friend, Paola). Thanks again to Lori!

The nearest airport is Ancona, Italy, and Lori & Paola’s directions start there. Most importantly, don’t forget:

  • Find people on the plane to Ancona [who are going to Ca Le Suore]; maybe go around with your yoga mat exposed to be spotted, and
  • You will probably have time to get an ice cream in Fano while waiting for the bus to Acqualagna.

If you are planning to visit other parts of Italy, you might want to see where Ca Le Suore and Ancona are relative to the rest of the country.


Ancona, Italy relative to the rest of Italy

This useful map came from

Lori & Paola’s Directions from Ancona to Ca Le Suore:

When you get to Ancona airport you have to take a bus to go to Falconara railway Station (Stazione Falconara). You can buy a bus ticket at the news agent at the airport (easy to spot). The ticket costs about 2.50 Euros. It’s a short trip (about 10 minutes, I think) so keep an eye for the Stazione (ask the bus driver to be sure where to get out).

When you are at the Stazione you need a train ticket to Fano. It’s about 30 minute journey (costs about 10 euros), keep an eye for the stop (you might be tempted to look at the lovely seaside…).

When you get to Fano, you have to find the bus station (in fact it’s not a station but a very basic bus stand where many buses stop). You have to ask because it’s a 10 minutes walk from the railway station. Basically, when you leave the railway stazione behind you, you walk straight ahead (maybe keep asking every now and then) until you find the “Roman arch”, then turn right and you will find it (basically it’s square). You have to buy a bus ticket in a bar/newsagent, ask for a ticket to “Acqualagna” (if you can’t pronounce it, write down on paper “biglietto per Acqualagna” and show it). I think the bus to Acqualagna is at about 6 pm or so, so you have plenty of time to go to buy an ice cream.

(When I got to Fano with my new mates it was about 3 pm and we decided not to wait for the bus and take a taxi, which cost 60 Euro but we shared in 3; the bus costs about 6 Euros so go for it if you are alone.)

I hope you find people on the plane to Ancona; maybe go around with your yoga mat exposed to be spotted.

So, to summarize: 1) by bus from the airport to Falconara railway station (write down: biglietto per il bus per Stazione Falconara); 2) by train from Falconara to Fano (biglietto per Fano); 3) by bus from Fano to Acqualagna (biglietto per il bus per Acqualagna).

When you are in Acqualagna you should really phone Rossana or someone who can take you to Ca Le Suore (please ask Rossana for her mobile phone number, they normally do this service, the place is tricky to find, hidden in the hills…nice though).

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