Pattabhis Jois in the New Prana Catalog


Sri K. Pattabhis Jois

To see some great photos of Pattabhis Jois’ 90th birthday celebration, pick up Prana’s 2006 Yoga catalog.

As in every year, all the photos are brilliant – but this catalog has an exceptional number of Ashtangi photos, including some great ones of Pattabhis Jois, his family and his birthday celebration.

And of course, Prana is still selling all those clothes we really like. I think Prana’s stuff for men is simply the best (read: “makes guys look hot”). And their women’s clothes have kept me looking respectable through many Ashtanga practices as well as some rough-ish travel.


Here’s the cover – is that headstand?

Those of you at the 2006 World Tour in San Francisco should be able to pick the catalog up at the Regency Center (while supplies last).

The photos in this post are from Prana’s catalog, which has even more, so pick it up and buy things from Prana. It’s so nice that they produce such a cool catalog (not too mention the functional, hip things they sell).


Pattabhis Jois’ 90th Birthday Celebration


Pattabhis Jois’ 90th Birthday in the 2006 Prana catalog. Thanks, Prana.

1 thought on “Pattabhis Jois in the New Prana Catalog

  1. surf8

    Prana catalog was one of the most offensive initiative I have ever seen on this commercial Yoga era… a history moment that many Yogis were waiting for… when Guruji and Iyengar met again after so many years a opportunistic clothing company used it to sell clothing… I am sure they were laughing after they gave permission to use the pictures… I just hope Guruji and the family saw some $ from it. I am a model and know how much I can make to hire my image… Mysore images are not just about their image but what they stand for… and that has nothing to do with selling clothing… for me is very simple… DON’T BUY PRANA clothing… they were disrespectful… also the cover is for sure a transgenic wheat field for sure… I just see no Soul is that catalog, and I have been traveling for mysore for 6 years already…

    practice… All is comming…



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