Ashtanga Is Good for Musicians


Anthony Carlisi &
Chris Martin from Coldplay

The San Francisco Bay Guardian recently wrote about what exactly makes ColdPlay so good…and how Chris Martin maintains his amazing energy during concerts. The writer thought Chris’ Ashtanga practice might have something to do with it and asked Anthony Carlisi, a teacher Martin has studied with, what he thought:

Anthony responded:

Absolutely !!!!!!!!!!! (sic) In fact I just saw Chris in Phoenix before the concert there. He has been practicing now for several years. I visit and teach him and Gwyneth [that is Paltrow of course – Ed]when I am in London. He was telling me that he loves how it has enhanced everything he does. His energy was electric at the concert…………….Great Show!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Anthony’s use of !!!!!!! (the quote is from an email, so those are his actual !!!!!!s).

And now I want to buy Coldplay’s X&Y even more than I already did, not because Chris Martin practices yoga, but because the writer thought the quality of the music might be influenced by Martin’s practice.

Other musical Ashtangis include Madonna and Sting, confirming that the practice must be good for musicians.


Two very famous Ashtangis

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