Looking for a Yogic Date?

I came across YogaConnect (tagline: where the yoga culture meets online), the

premier online destination where the yoga culture can interact, explore, share ideas and create conscious relationships of all kinds, with other yoga-minded folks


The registration process feels a lot like a Match.com for yogis. They ask what kind of yoga you practice — including the Svroopa and Not Sure styles. You can also choose Alternative Interests and Diet — pollo vegetarian (?), and extend your profile with more in-depth questions (My sacred space is…).


After some surfing around, it looks like there about about a thousand members as of March 2006, with 250 associated with Ashtanga.

The forums are somewhat inactive at this point. As an Internet startup, it’s not MySpace (yet), but given the rapid growth in the Ashtangi population, maybe it will be.

Reading other yogis’ profiles is interesting and the YogaConnect profile is well thought out. It’s also free. A quick search of people in Tracy’s demographic resulted in many southern Californians, so if you’re in southern California, this site’s definitely for you right now.

Maybe a good way to meet someone who has no night life because they get up at 6:00 am for Mysore practice?

Write in and tell us about your yogic connections!


Find your Atman mate

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