Guruji World Tour 2006: an Emotional Last Day in SF

On the last day of the 2006 tour in San Francisco, there was a single class at 6 am. The atmosphere was electric, the room was full with over 200 students.

The strong bonds of community were apparent before practice, with groups of people chatting dispersed throughout the big hall – it was still only 5:45.



There was an urgency in Guruji’s voice today. I wondered how many thousands of times he had called out this practice, and at his complete devotion to it.

It is apparent both in the mere fact that he is 90 and continues to teach the same vital teaching. It is also apparent in what he has chosen not to do – he has chosen not to dilute the practice, he has chosen not to call it Jois Yoga, he has chosen not to analyze it.

It was the exact same count of vinyasas, and yet it was completely different, a new and unique affirmation of his belief in the practice. And by extension, all 200 of us were accepting this affirmation and embraced its transformative power. The last few postures were truly emotional. We came back up to standing following a 2 minute Utplutih to chant the closing prayer. Then, Guruji counted a last vinyasa, and with “Sapta – lie down!” everyone burst into spontaneous applause. There were cheers for several minutes.

Sharath took the stage, thanked the organizers and his last two words summarized for me the essence of Guruji’s teaching: “Keep practicing.”

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