Ashtanga World Tour 2006 Makes the News

For a little more color on Guruji’s World Tour in London and Mysore Style, the new book of Ashtanga photographs, check out this article Yogis flock to ashtanga guru in Brick Lane in the Guardian Unlimited from March 13 2006 (tip

The art director for Mysore Style, Giles Kershaw, said about the book:

There was always this myth of Mysore … This book is a way of demystifying that experience and capturing the essence of it. We wanted to show that it was not the body beautiful – we wanted those who picked up the book to be able to smell the hot and sweaty atmosphere and feel the energy.

I think Graeme and Giles definitely achieved their goal. Philippe provided some thoughtful insights about Mysore Style, too.

For more on the London stop of the World Tour, see Lori’s review and photos.

Guruji signs autograph at the World Tour London 2006

Guruji signs an autograph for a London Ashtangi
Another of Lori’s photos

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