Bikram and Ashtanga to Merge into “Bikshtanga Yoga”

We have recently heard news of an imminent merger between two of the most popular styles of yoga, Bikram and Ashtanga. The purpose of the merger would be two-fold:

  • With hundreds of yoga styles available, the industry is ripe for consolidation
  • To take the best of each style and leave the rest

The merger will involve combining the Bikram series with the Ashtanga Primary Series to create Bikshtanga Super Yoga or BS-Yoga. It is rumored that unpopular postures such as Kurmasana will be dropped from the series, and much more Savasana will be introduced between postures to increase the appeal.


Bikram and friends celebrating the merger

Apparently negotations about which poses to drop and include in the new combined series went deep into the night. A spokesman for Bikram said: “I believe that we found the right balance between the two styles”. One issue remains unresolved: the temperature of the room. It is a sticking point as Bikram’s representatives insist it should remain above 105 degrees, and Ashtangis maintain that “heat is created internally”.

Here’s the press release

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