Practicing Law and Ashtanga in Mysore


Hanuman outside AYRI

Russell, an Ashtangi who’s been living and practicing in Mysore since January 2004, writes an informative blog, mysore musings where he talks not only about his practice at AYRI and living in Mysore, but also about setting up a law business there.

The blog is well written and a joy to follow. Many Ashtangis write about their struggle with setbacks in their practice. Russell gives a refreshing perspective on that:

A few months from now, my practice might fall apart again, requiring me to start over. So what? Would I complain because after a CD is finished playing, and I put it in later to listen to it again, it is the same music?

Recently, Russell opened an office of his law firm in the United States in Mysore. I really like this post (more like an article, really, dated February 5, 2006) which describes the process in great detail. Russell has found a way to help some people in Mysore, without hurting his colleagues in the U.S. Russell writes:

On the subject of this new Mysore company, I’m realizing that at least there is service that can be done. For one thing, rather than splitting up families, we’re reuniting them…

We’ll also be helping to raise the local wage rates and standard of living, as we hire away people from other companies who don’t pay as well… Although some locals have told us we are crazy to do the following, we are also going to be giving employees shares in the company. Not a radical concept in the West these days, but here it seems unheard of.

Russell has also posted a LOT of photos – of AYRI, Mysore and his home there. Just a few of his photos follow.

Thank you, Russell!


Mukta Hasta Sirsasana B, AYRI


After Sirsasana at AYRI


Good Morning!
Students wait outside AYRI

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