A Photo Nugget from Alan Little

As much as I like finding neat photos of Ashtangis practicing in the shala for AshtangaNews, I recently came across this photo from prolific Ashtanga writer and photographer, Alan Little.


David Swenson workshop in Munich, March 2001

Note the lack of Ashtangis in this photo.

Alan mentions that David Swenson prefers photos not be taken during practice:

There were people attending the workshop, lots, but David doesn’t like anybody to take pictures in class and besides I was busy practicing.

Which is exactly what I always wonder about: if you’re practicing, how can you be taking photos? Nevertheless, I am grateful to all you Ashtangis and photographers who do.

I like this photo and I like Alan’s comment. It’s a neat abstraction of something I take for granted (mats) and the lack of Ashtangis makes me think of what Ashtangis do outside of the studio, about what we take with us when we leave the studio.

Thank you, Alan!

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