Can’t Get Enough: Stunning Photos from India

We don’t know who took these photos of India but we like them – a lot. If you know, would you let us know?

(The full set is in the format of a Powerpoint file (1.7MB) and it’s well worth watching; you can download a Powerpoint viewer here.)

Thank you to Lori for forwarding these to us.


What can I add to beauty like this?


Name that building!


Anyone ever get her tea this way? Really?


Peace and warmth
(enough with the smart comments already)

4 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough: Stunning Photos from India

  1. Wilder

    Nice photos. They definately were taken with a lot of feeling and emotion. They should be part of a show.

  2. Miri

    Wow, those photos are stunning, thank you for sharing!
    ( i googled for “warmth”, that’s how i found my way here 🙂 )

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