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How old is Guruji in this photo?

Yoga Means Your Self-Knowledge.
– Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Regular commenter, t-om, alerted us to a bunch of videos of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois teaching and speaking that were uploaded to YouTube about a month ago by user, frikaloopa, including one of Pattabhi Jois explaining Ashtanga yoga. Simple, brilliant and check out those glasses.


“Tight it!” – Pattabhi Jois
(I think that’s what he’s saying here.)

Frikaloopa has seven videos of Ashtanga yoga – the one above plus six practice videos. Some of these appear to cut from professional video productions and others seem to be class demonstrations. In addition to Sharath, Frikaloopa identified Chuck Miller and Mazy Ezraty, Tim Miller, Gary Lapodata, Clifford Sweate, Ray Rosenthal, Richard, Eddie and Kate in the videos. (I can’t tell from the videos whether these names are accurate; if you can, please let us know in the Comments section.)

Three of the videos show demonstrations of the Intermediate Series. Here is a full list (with time in minutes in parentheses):


Sharath “rests” between backbends

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Explains It All

Last time we featured YouTube videos of Krishnamacharya and B.K.S.


Who are we?

Iyengar on AshtangaNews, a whole storm of discussion on copyright and Asteya ensued. You can check all that out in the posts, See Krishnamacharya (and Iyengar) on Video and Asteya Redux: A Grumpy Post. For this post, let’s try to focus on the practice and senior teachers and students in these videos!

8 thoughts on “Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Videos on YouTube

  1. gene

    The primary and intermediate series one with the white set is Eddie, Karen Habermann, Tim, Richard, Chuck and Maty. The yogaWorks people claim they’re remastering it for DVD (course they told me that in early 2004, too) but it’s avail on VHS in their studio

  2. Terry Garratt

    The video ,along witha 176 page booklet, with Ray Rosenthal etc was made in 1987 in Santa Cruz and was available from Hart Productions in Hawaii. It says on the box that PJ was 74 years old and that this was the first video he made.

  3. melissa anderson

    how old is guru ji in this photo?
    He gave that lecture when he and Amma stayed at Dr Ray’s in Capitola in 1986. It was an off year. Normally he made his American tours every two years, but made an exception and came only one year later. That was the first time as far as I know the only time he went to Santa Cruz, CA. Dr. Ray documented his tours for 2-3 years, and had a library of them. I have 3 of them as well.

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