A Call for Queries from New & Soon-to-Be Moms


What posture is this?

Wendy Spies, an Ashtangi and yoga teacher, wrote one of our most popular posts, Ashtanga During Pregnancy: One Ashtangi’s Experience.

Wendy’s kindly offered to write a follow-up post and I know it’s going to be great. Just take a look at her prior post.

If any of you have questions you’d like Wendy to address or suggestions for her next post, please submit them via the Comments and include your email address, so Wendy can follow up with you, if necessary.

Thanks for your contributions, and thank you, Wendy!

2 thoughts on “A Call for Queries from New & Soon-to-Be Moms

  1. Erin

    These are my questions. How far were you in your practice before you got pregnant? At what point did you stop doing postures on your belly and forward-bending postures? And what was your practice like after the baby? Assuming you were up nursing, etc., were you able to go to mysore practice, logistically and energy wise? Finally, how has your practice changed since you became a mom?

    Thanks! E

  2. Ramiro Young

    I want to know if Ayako Kojima has been in London, England, in January 1997.

    If this is the case, I leave here my contact details.

    Bye & Thanks,

    Ramiro Young.

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