Double the Sweat, Same Low Price: Ashtanga in Mount Shasta

…the best way i can describe the panic i felt is that it was literally as if i had unwittingly followed a group of strangers who jumped from a cliff into a frigid a mountain lake. i only realize upon entry that there were no near banks to which i could easily swim. i would have to be patient and calm, have faith in humanity, and believe that i could make it to the shore and that it would be an experience worth having.

That was from Wendy Spies who wrote an account of the sweat lodge (eh?) available at Tim Miller’s retreat at Mount Shasta, California,

In 2007, Tim Miller will teach at Mount Shasta on the following dates:

  • July 28 – August 4, Primary Series
  • August 4 – 11, Second Series

Mount Shasta, courtesy of ladder_711 on Flickr

Wendy also wrote thoughtfully about pregnancy and Ashtanga for AshtangaNews. Thank you, Wendy!


The patio at Vivify

For those of you who do get to Mount Shasta, our favorite sushi chefs, Sachio and Ayako Kojima (formerly of Kabuto A&S in San Francisco), now own and run an organic Japanese food restaurant in Mount Shasta, Vivify. It looks too good.

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