Finally! Some Sex Advice from Yogis

I go to the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. If you really want to hook up there, it’s almost impossible not to. It’s full of people with a serious devotion to their practices and a lot of time on their hands. – Linda, aka Boodiba


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Heh heh. asked similar sex-related questions of four yogis, and well, got basically, four sets of different, sometimes conflicting, yet entertaining answers, which brings up the whole question of the value of sex-advice (or any advice actually), but it’s sex, so naturally, it’s entertaining. Only one of the yogis, Linda (above), identified as an Ashtangi.

(Note: we’re not asking you to share your AYRI hook-up stories here. We’ll publish your comments, but we are definitely not asking. Really. Me saying this is definitely not my passive way of asking for your stories.)

In response to “Is yoga class a good place to meet dates?“, Nerve’s correspondent received these responses:

  • Linda, Ashtangi Boodiba: If you’re a straight male, definitely pick up yoga. For straight women, no. Yoga classes are full of women, and the few men who are there are often gay, though Ashtanga yoga attracts a lot of jocks and masochists because it’s so over-the-top. [Heh. Heh. – Ed.]
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    Guruji’s 2002 World Tour

  • Garvey, Better Sex Through Yoga: Most yoga classes are eighty percent chicks, and most of them don’t like to be hit on because they want to be able to have their ass up in the air and not have someone look at them. Plus, it’s pretty obvious that you’re asking them out because you noticed their ass in the air. [Totally agree. – Ed.]
  • Zahir, no yoga affiliation, on how to ask a fellow yogi(ni) out: Say, “I don’t want to intrude on your space or your practice, but I do find you attractive and if you would like to go out, I think that would be great. If not, I hope you enjoy your practice and can still maintain your focus.” [I’ve always admired the direct and respectful approach. -Ed.]
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  • Aaron, Chelsea Yoga: If you’re a gay man wanting to meet another gay man, go up and talk to him right away. Men have short attention spans. If you’re a straight man interested in meeting a woman, talk to her for three months, then ask her for a cup of tea. After having tea four or five times, then ask her out on a date. [Hee. Hee. The Sneak Date – how I hate it, but maybe I’m in the minority. -Ed.]

The other questions are a little more, um, explicit.

By the way, the photo for Nerve’s article is by milopeng, one of our favorite Ashtangi photographers. The full-sized photo can be found on Flickr.

Thanks to WeLikeYoga for the heads up.