What’s Your Sweet Little Nugget of (Ashtanga) Grace?

In observance of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., what is your own personal sweet little nugget of grace?

As in this, from Ashtangi, Yoga Gumbo:

Later, in Sirsasana, I managed to lift enough with my arms and shoulders so that there was absolutely no weight on my head. I would say my skull was about ½ inch off the ground. I had the weirdest sensation of gravity being reversed, as if I were hanging by my arms from the ceiling rather than pressing with my arms into the floor. I felt like I had superhero gravity-defying powers! I was Levitating Headstand Woman! I know that this is the “correct” way to do headstand in ashtanga, but I have had a love/hate relationship with this pose for the past few months – lots of fear surrounding Sirsasana for me – so this was truly a sweet little nugget of grace for me to savor.


Souls Skyward from Govinda Kai
taken at the San Francisco stop of the Ashtanga World Tour 2006

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