Ashtanga Teacher Requirements Updated

For more than 10 years Ashtanga yoga has had a process for authorizing and certifying teachers (there is a difference between authorization and certification – the latter is a lot harder to achieve). As with the teaching of the practice itself, this process has also slowly evolved. The requirements to become an authorized or certified Ashtanga yoga teacher were updated this week. These are the requirements set forth by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


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We wondered what exact changes were made to the Ashtanga teacher requirements between this week and the last time they were updated in October 2006. Both (more detailed) and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute site list these requirements.





Fortunately, the Wizard of the Interweb (whiz kid sister to the Wizard of Oz) was able to help us. The two main changes are:

NOTE: A student should by no means visit AYRI in Mysore for the sole purpose of getting authorized. Their visit should primarily be for their own education of the lineage to further their own practice under correct guidance of Pattabhi Jois.


NOTE: AUTHORIZATION SHOULD NOT BE REQUESTED BUT GIVEN. The decision to give authorization or certification to teach is by no means solely dependent on the number of times a student has visited Mysore. It is based upon Guruji and Sharath’s evaluation of the person, his/her commitment and full respect of the lineage of the practice. Authorization is given with the trust that an AYRI student will teach as he/she has been taught in Mysore by Guruji and Sharath.

For an exact comparison between the October 2006 and April 2007 guidelines, here’s a PDF of the Ashtanga teacher requirements with revisions marked.






The information for how to register for class in Mysore is here: AYRI’s class information and’s class information. maintains a list of authorized and certified Ashtanga teachers along with workshops taught by these Ashtanga teachers. That information is not available on AYRI. The workshop list can be sorted by location, date, instructor and date added to the list. Handy!

Hope this helps! By the way, what is the theme of this post’s photos?


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3 thoughts on “Ashtanga Teacher Requirements Updated

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  2. elena

    I would like to go to Mysore next winter for practice. Can anybody describe the program of the day at the Ashtanga yoga research institut ?
    thank you in advance

  3. linda

    you show up to register at the shala during registration hours (late afternoon) with a passport photo of yourself and registration payment, and Sharath will give you a registration card with a time printed on it. (you need to send in application ahead of time). Then the next day you show up at the time he gives you (though there is a “shala” time that you will understand when you are there – clock in shala is running differently) and wait in the foyer until he says, “one more!” then if it is your turn, you go in, set up your mat and start your practice. he will stop you where he thinks you should stop. and for led classes – they are at 430 and 630 am on led days. but sharath will tell you which one to go to. is that helpful?

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