Ashtanga Geography Quiz: Parts I and II

Part I:

there is something special here. and it has to do with fertility. i have heard that women come to [you tell us!] to get pregnant. the waters are powerful to wade in.

What popular town frequented by Ashtangis is this quote about?


Enough with the beaches, bendy people and temples
Time for something different (from bindifry)

The answer is Byron Bay, Australia where Dena Kingsberg teaches.

Part II:
Where should I got to learn something unusual and interesting about the places I might end up in whilst practicing Ashtanga?

bindifry’s itty bitty brain basket. If you are unsure of what non-obvious things to do during your Ashtanga yoga-related travels and want to learn something non-obvious, Lisa’s quiet, quirky writing style and great photos will surely give you a real sense of the place. She writes about many Ashtanga-related topics, but her writing and photos about food and culture are the best.


This is a jaffle. (from bindifry)

All I knew about Byron Bay was the beaches bit…not this, which is really kind of the opposite.

i visited mt.warning, part of tweed volcano -an actual prehistoric volcano-climbed to the top to watch the first sunrise in the world. the hike began at 2am in pitch black on skinny rock filled trails going up. boy were my ankles hurting the next day. the jungle was filled with ancient trees. it felt prehistoric. because it was.

Here’s a short list of a few posts that left me feeling intrigued and smiley, like I have a secret:

We’ve been happy to have Lisa as a writer for AshtangaNews in Interview of Ashtanga Practitioners in Tokyo as well as to highlight her insightful work before in The Ashtanga Role Models of the Future: Live from Tokyo and many of the photos here.

Don’t go anywhere Ashtanga without her.


"ICH is managed by the workers itself.
this means that the waiter can become the manager one day.
you can find it at every corner of kerala." (from bindifry)

Feel free to add to our quiz in the comments. (It was a little brief.)
















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